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Upcoming Events

Making Waves: The Fight to Protect Our Oceans

June 2023


Join us for an urgent virtual presentation with Kelsey-Anne LeBlanc of the Ocean Conservancy, the premier global organization fighting the plastic pollution crisis. In this illustrated discussion, Kelsey-Anne, an expert from the agency leading the fight will present graphic evidence of ocean deterioration caused by huge amounts of plastic waste clogging the waterways. The speaker will share photographs and evidence-based solutions that enable all people of the world to help in cleaning the oceans of the detritus generated partly by our own household machines, and halting the flow of plastics into the oceans, where it can be ingested by the fish that end up on our dinner tables.

Brushes and Books:An Exploration of the Ashcan School and The Importance of a Liberal Arts Education

May 2023


Virginia Anderson, the Curator of American Art at the Baltimore Museum of Art, will guide you through the stunning home of Mary Hyman, filled with art from the Ashcan School, known for its realistic portrayal of urban life in America during the early 20th century. Following the tour, The President of Goucher College, Kent Devereaux, will give a talk on the importance of a liberal arts education and the excellence of small colleges like Goucher. Discover why small liberal arts colleges offer a unique educational experience that emphasizes critical thinking, communication, and personal development within a broad interdisciplinary framework.

Past Events

April 2023


Myths and Truths: The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered

Join us for an educational lecture by esteemed historian Jean Baker as she delves into Maryland's Civil War studies. Baker will present new insights from her recently published essays in The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered, and explore misdirected and mistaken past views. She will also discuss how our collective memories of the war have influenced its place in history.

March 2023


The Doctor Who Wasn’t There

Join us for a fascinating talk with author and physician Jeremy A. Greene as he discusses his new book, The Doctor Who Wasn’t There. In this gripping history, Greene explores the long and complex relationship between electronic media and healthcare, from the early days of the telephone to today’s sophisticated telehealth devices.  Through a captivating blend of medical history, technology, politics, and economics, Greene reveals how electronic media have both promised to democratize access to healthcare and raised ethical, economic, and logistical concerns.

February 2023


Cosmic Clues in Charm City

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was designed to study the first stars and the first galaxies that formed in the universe. What does that even mean, and how would you know an ancient galaxy if you met one? In this talk, Dr. Van Dixon of Baltimore's Space Telescope Science Institute will discuss the science questions that JWST was built to address, how those questions informed the design of the telescope, and what we have learned in the six months since JWST began science operations. 

January 2023


Harm Reduction - it Really is That Good

Join this zoom event to learn about how harm reduction practices in Baltimore and beyond serve to reduce the negative consequences associated with HIV and substance abuse.
Marik Moen is a nurse scientist, educator, program director, and champion of health equity especially in HIV Care and care of people who use drugs in global and local settings. She was formerly a nurse lead at the Lord Baltimore COVID isolation hotel. 

November 2022


Stemming the Tide

In his compelling report from the front, Dr. Sweet will explain to us exactly what NOAA, our government's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is doing to combat the rise of the seas and to the building of a weather-ready nation in the perilous years to come. He will discuss the latest sea level rise report and information from the U.S. Federal Sea Level Task Force and implications for changing coastal flood risk by 2050 within U.S. coastal communities, and specifically the upper Chesapeake Bay region.

October 2022


A House (and Senate) Divided

Join us for our always lively and popular political event, in person for the first time in three years. Professors Matthew Crenson and Robbie Shilliam, of the political science department at Johns Hopkins University, will help us put into perspective one of the most contentious and consequential midterm elections in recent memory.

June 2022

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 9.09.28 PM.png

Can Fixing Dinner Fix the Planet?

Come learn from Johns Hopkins University Professor Jessica Fanzo about how the decisions that you make at the grocery store impact the global food system, the people that shape it, and the environment that supports it.

February 2022

Astrobiology - Web Image.png

Alone in the Cosmos?

NASA scientists are looking for signs of life on planets light years away. We learned how they plan to identify biospheres on these other worlds, the technology required, and some of the lessons that planets closer to home have to teach us on the way.

January 2022

Nature & Nurture - Web Image.png

Beyond "Nature vs. Nurture"

What makes each of us a unique person? We learned from Johns Hopkins neuroscientist David Linden about how our genes respond continually to our experiences in ways that shape who we are as individuals.

December 2021

Cone & Matisse - Web Image.png

Henri Matisse & Etta Cone

We recently scrutinized over 160 works in a critically acclaimed exhibit on the relationship between artist Henri Matisseand Baltimore collector Etta Cone. The exhibit was introduced by a senior curator and was followed by lunch at Gertrude's Chesapeake Kitchen.

October 2021

Charmery - Web Image.png

Key Connections

Recent graduates inducted into Phi Beta Kappa networked and socialized over ice cream with members of our board, learned about our activities and toured The Charmery's Ice Cream Factory.

October 2021

House Unsettled - Web Image.png

A House Unsettled

With Professors Stephen Medvic & Daniel Marcus, we confronted the vulnerabilities of U.S. democracy, examined the fissures roiling U.S. politics, and got our bearings in this rattled political environment.

August 2021

PBK - The Search for Life - Web Image.png

Life on Mars?

We joined NASA scientist Heather Graham to learn about the quest for evidence of life as we don't know it, past and present, not only in the far reaches of the universe but also on Mars, our own cosmic neighbor.

July 2021

Sondheim - Web Image.png

The Sounds of Sondheim

We sat back, relaxed, and brought some excellent music into our homes. Pieces by composer Stephen Sondheim were explained, accompanied by a biographical sketch, and performed.

June 2021

Hrabowski - Web Image.png

A Conversation with Dr. Freeman Hrabowski

We took part in a conversation with the President of UMBC. We asked him questions and learned about his life of creating opportunities for others, from his marches with Dr. King, to his years of  leadership.

May 2021

Fine Print - Web Image.png

Punishment's Fine Print

We saw how the exorbitant fines, fees, interest, and debt collection mechanisms of the criminal justice system quietly hurt millions of Americans, and explored ways to fix this national problem.

April 2021

Musical Minds - Web Image.png

Magnificent Musical Mind

We sat back, relaxed, and brought some excellent music into our homes, with pieces by Leonard Bernstein explained and performed by Daniel Weiser, founder of AmiciMusic. Click here
to learn about his upcoming concerts and classes.

April 2021

Pandemic Tracking - Web Image.png

Tracking the Global Pandemic

Ensheng Dong, the creator of the world-famous Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Dashboard, revealed its origins, explained how it achieves the historic feat of tracking the pandemic in real-time, and showed the impact that it has had on public health and policy.

March 2021

Iraqi Conservation - Image II.png

Conservation Mission Impossible?

Terry Drayman-Weisser, Conservator Emerita of the Walters Art Museum, recounted efforts to preserve Iraq's heritage after the 2003 looting of the National Museum in Baghdad, and after more recent destruction of pre-Islamic sites and artifacts by ISIS.

February 2021

MD Lynchings - Web Image.png

Lynchings in Maryland

Will Schwarz, an Emmy award-winning non-fiction filmmaker, unveiled the sordid history of racial terror lynching in Maryland, and taught us about the truth & reconciliation efforts made since then by groups like the Maryland Lynching Memorial Project.

January 2021

Healthcare & Segregation - Composite Ima

Healthcare & Hypersegregation

Graham Mooney, of Johns Hopkins' Department of the History of Medicine, helped us unearth the differential impact of acute and chronic disease on communities of color, with a focus on COVID-19 disparities in Baltimore City.

December 2020

Pirates - Image - Greg Roos - Pixabay

Pirates of the Chesapeake

The U.S. Center of Military History's Dr. Jamie Goodall took us through the fascinating history of intrigue and plunder perpetrated by the scoundrels who thrived during the golden age of piracy in our very own Chesapeake.

November 2020

Rowhouses - Alexa Fotos - Pixabay.png

A Tale of Two Baltimores

University of Maryland Prof. Howell Baum, and Antero Pietila of Baltimore Sun fame, gave us a nuanced, detailed look at the history as well as the legacy of Baltimore City's redlining and school desegregation policies.

October 2020

Suffrage - Image - Bettman Archives.png

Women's Suffrage & Equality

Denise Koch, one of Baltimore's most respected news anchors, celebrated the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment's ratification with a presentation and Q&A on the historic struggle for women's equality.

September 2020

Whirlwind - Image.png

The Whirlwind Before Us

Franklin & Marshall Prof. Stephen Medvic, and Goucher Prof. Daniel Marcus, brought us an analysis of the 2020 presidential election, with a focus on the effects of incumbency and the political worldviews of key voting blocs.

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