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Art/Work: Women Printmakers


March 2 11:30AM Tour, Lunch to follow

Join us for Art/Work: Women Printmakers of the WPA, featuring approximately 50 prints by lesser-known female artists employed by the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project during the Great Depression. These artists focused on portraying social issues such as labor, poverty, worker's rights, racial and gender inequities, and the rise of fascism. Through their prints, they advocated for much-needed reforms, shedding light on timeless societal challenges that remain relevant today. Don't miss this opportunity to explore their powerful portrayals and gain valuable insights into both historical context and contemporary struggles. Sign up now to secure your spot and join us in celebrating art as a catalyst for social justice. Register today!
$25 per person includes tour, entree, beverage, and dessert, guests welcome.

Where: Baltimore Museum of Art
When: Saturday, March 2, 11:30 AM

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