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Upcoming Events

Myths and Truths: The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered


April 1     2:00pm       Goucher College Alumnae Center

Join us for an educational lecture by esteemed historian Jean Baker as she delves into Maryland's Civil War studies. Baker will present new insights from her recently published essays in The Civil War in Maryland Reconsidered, and explore misdirected and mistaken past views. She will also discuss how our collective memories of the war have influenced its place in history.

The Doctor Who Wasn’t There




March 14     7:00pm       Zoom


Join us for a fascinating talk with author and physician Jeremy A. Greene as he discusses his new book, The Doctor Who Wasn’t There. In this gripping history, Greene explores the long and complex relationship between electronic media and healthcare, from the early days of the telephone to today’s sophisticated telehealth devices.  Through a captivating blend of medical history, technology, politics, and economics, Greene reveals how electronic media have both promised to democratize access to healthcare and raised ethical, economic, and logistical concerns.

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