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Chesapeake Lighthouse - Image - Pixabay


2021 Member Survey

Please help us serve you by sharing a bit about yourself, the programming that interests you, and the extent to which you are satisfied with our current programming.

Degree           Institution                                              Major                                         Year

How engaging do you find our speaker series?

Not at all engagingBarely engagingSomewhat engagingQuite engagingExtremely engaging

Which four themes do you most want to see covered in our upcoming speaker series?

How educational do you find our speaker series?

If we were to launch new programming, which
two types would you most want to see?

What one recommendation of yours do you want the Board of Directors to consider?

Not at all educationalBarely educationalSomewhat educationalQuite educationalExtremely educational

Thank you for taking time to volunteer this information. It will inform our programming decisions.

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